Marcus Miller 5 String Bass Mod

I decided shortly after buying this bass that I wanted to do some customization with the electronics. The original electronics sounded great, I just wanted a preamp that had some more options. Since I was changing the preamp I decided to go ahead and change the pickups as well.  Here is my take on both products.

John East preamp

  • Installation – easy, I didn’t even need to solder anything
  • Quality – excellent.  The knobs are the best I have seen
  • Sound – this preamp sounds amazing.  I wanted something that would give me a lot of flexibility and this certainly does.  It  has a volume, pickup blend, bass, treble, sweepable mids, mid level control, passive tone, and the ability to go completely passive which is a must for me on any bass.
Nordstrand Pickups
  • Installation – easy also as they are a replacement made specifically for fender basses
  • Quality – excellent,
  • Sound – they sound great.  They have the classic sound of a jazz bass with a little more clarity and low end.

The combination of the Nordstrand pickups with the John East preamp allows me to have a bass that can get a lot of different sounds.

What are some of your favorite preamps and pickups?